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Ashu Hayat

Marketing Attorney
Ashu Hayat

Ashu Hayat is the Marketing Attorney for Brown & Hobkirk, PLLC. Her focus is on helping people who need legal advice connect with the attorneys who can best help them. She does this by providing valuable legal information through the firm’s website and social media channels, enabling people to find answers to their initial questions and connect with the firm for a free consultation.

Ashu graduated magna cum laude with an undergraduate degree from the University of Arizona, Tucson, in 2000. She was a member of the Golden Key National Honor Society. She received her law degree in 2004 from Albany Law School of Union University in Albany, NY. She concentrated in Health Law and received the Diversity Scholarship for academic excellence. She has been licensed to practice in Arizona since 2004.

For several years, Ashu worked as an attorney and Director of Appeals for an Aetna Company. She has worked with various Arizona law firms since 2012.
Ashu is a member of both the Arizona Bar Association and the Maricopa County Bar Association.

What I think makes Brown & Hobkirk, PLLC different:

As a licensed attorney, I know how important it is to build a connection with clients. I believe that personal connection makes you a better advocate for your client. Our firm really focuses on building that connection, making sure we understand our clients’ needs and what they are going through. I believe this compassionate approach to cases ultimately enables us to deliver the results our clients deserve.

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Why our clients benefit from our approach:

Many larger firms are always touting their adversarial nature and how aggressive their lawyers are. But when it comes down to it, these big firms funnel down many cases to a first-year lawyer or somebody below them who does the actual work. The client may not even really know who is handling their case. That is not how Brown & Hobkirk, PLLC operates.

Our firm may be smaller, but we are taking a personalized, human approach. When you come to us, you are going to know who you are talking to, and you are going to know who is handling your case. We are going to be zealous for our clients, but we don’t believe we need to make everything adversarial.

The most satisfying aspect of my job:

My goal is to make the legal experience more positive for clients from start to finish. When clients thank me in person or leave reviews online expressing their gratitude, it makes my day. I love to hear that we explained things in terms that were easy to understand. I love to hear that our clients feel they were treated with kindness and respect, and that they are happy with how their case turned out.