Three Types of Spousal Maintenance/Alimony - Brown & Hobkirk PLLC

9 Oct 2020

By Brown & Hobkirk, PLLC

In Family Law

Alimony is a monetary legal obligation of one spouse to provide financial support before, and after, a legal separation to the other spouse. In Arizona, it is typically called spousal maintenance, and it is the Court that determines what, if any, spousal maintenance will be awarded. There are three types of spousal maintenance:

  1. Permanent Spousal Maintenance: An award set up without a termination date. Generally, this occurs when the requesting spouse is of age and entering the workforce is no longer feasible. This type of award is only terminated upon death of one of the parties, remarriage, or a substantial change in circumstances making support unnecessary.
  2. Rehabilitative Spousal Maintenance: The most common type of award, usually temporary, and with set timeframes and conditions, that allows one spouse to become financially situated in the workforce.
  3. Compensatory Spousal Maintenance: The least common; often people are unaware that this option is available, but it provides that the spouse who made a monetary investment in the other spouse be compensated for that investment. For example, a spouse paying for the other spouse to go to college; the spouse seeking compensatory support could request to be compensated for the college costs.

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