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Case Results

$900,000 - Truck Accident

Wrongful death arising out of a crash caused by the driver of a semi-tractor trailer in Goodyear leads to $900,000 settlement.

$525,000 - Personal Injury

Unsecured man-hole cover in the parking lot of a convenience store in Phoenix leads to a total knee replacement and a $525,000 settlement.

$525,000 - Personal Injury

Construction worker rear-ended while working on the job sustains rotator cuff tear and permanent impairment and receives a $525,000 recovery.

$515,000 - Personal Injury

$270,000 - Personal Injury

Colonic performed at Scottsdale spa causes ruptured colon and results in $270,000 settlement.

$250,000 - Truck Accident

Trash hauling truck causes serious injuries in Chandler resulting in a $250,000 recovery.

$250,000 - Car Accident

Uninsured driver causes t-bone collision leading to permanent injuries requiring lifelong treatment and culminates in $250,000 settlement.

$250,000 - Personal Injury

ATV crash with an automobile on a dirt road in North Scottsdale results in multiple fractures and $250,000 settlement.

$250,000 - Personal Injury

Unprovoked attack causes heart attack during a New Year’s Eve party resulting in a $250,000 recovery.

$250,000 - Car Accident

Drunk driver cited for super extreme DUI causes serious injuries in Paradise Valley culminating in spinal fusion surgery and a $250,000 settlement.

$220,000 - Car Accident

Rear-end accident on the US-60 freeway causes multiple disc bulges, vocational expert determines significant future medical expenses leading to $220,000 settlement.

$200,000 - Car Accident

Rear-end accident causes significant disc herniations requiring cervical discectomy surgery, resulting in $200,000 settlement.

$200,000 - Car Accident

Drunk driver rear-ends a 24-year old woman who sustains disc protrusion and disc bulge leading to $200,000 settlement.

$163,500 - Personal Injury

Client on Vespa Scooter rear-ended resulting in surgery to repair foot fractured in three places and 12 weeks of lost wages incurred leads to $163,500 settlement.

$125,000 - Car Accident

Drunk driver causes head-on collision causing broken foot requiring two surgeries and resulting in a $125,000 settlement.