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Motorcycle Accident

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Motorcycle Accident Attorney in AZ

Motorcycle Accident

Arizona Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

Owning a motorcycle gives many Arizona motorcyclists the feeling of freedom on the road. Motorcycle riding can create a sense of community with other riders. Unfortunately, motorcyclists face the very real risk of injury in an accident, and when motorcycle accidents happen, the injuries can be devastating for riders.

If you have been involved in a motorcycle accident in Arizona, it’s crucial that you find skilled and experienced legal representation. It is often difficult for injured motorcyclists to obtain the money they need for their losses – especially if they try to handle claims on their own. However, when accidents happen, the Arizona motorcycle accident lawyers at Brown & Hobkirk, PLLC are here to help.

At Brown & Hobkirk, PLLC we have more than 20 years of experience handling motorcycle accident and injury claims. That experience gives us a unique insight into the toll these accidents can take on victims and their families – and how to aggressively seek compensation on their behalf.

If you have been in an Arizona motorcycle accident, turn to the lawyers at Brown & Hobkirk, PLLC. We have the knowledge and legal skills to fight aggressively for the compensation you deserve. Our Arizona motorcycle accident attorneys have helped clients recover millions of dollars for their injuries.

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Do You Have a Motorcycle Accident Case?

If you are unsure whether you have a claim for damages after a motorcycle accident, ask yourself these questions:

    • Was another motorist at fault? Was your accident primarily caused by another motorist’s actions or failure to act? If so, you probably have a claim for damages. This is the case even if you were partly at fault for the accident.
  • Were you hurt in the crash? Motorcycles offer less protective equipment than cars. For that reason, a motorcyclist is vulnerable to serious injuries in an accident. Even if your injuries seem minor, you might be eligible for damages.
  • Are you seeking medical care? If your injuries required medical treatment, you are likely eligible to file a claim for damages. Medical bills after a major motorcycle accident can pile up quickly. Do not wait too long if you want to file a claim for damages.
  • Are you missing time from work? In many motorcycle accidents, the riders are injured severely and must take time off from work as they heal. If you missed time from work because of your accident, you can file a claim against the other driver for the value of your lost wages.
  • Is your quality of life affected? A severe motorcycle accident can have a physical and emotional impact on the quality of your life. Your injuries might prevent you from participating in activities you used to enjoy. A serious accident can also lead to mental health issues, including anxiety and depression. If this has happened to you, you can seek compensation for the negative effects the accident has had on your quality of life.

Why Are Motorcycle Accident Claims More Complicated?

Several factors make motorcycle accident claims more complex than other types of motor vehicle accidents. Why is that the case?

  • Motorcycle accident injuries are typically more severe and more costly than the injuries in car accidents.
  • Motorcycle accidents can be more challenging because of the unfair stereotypes that are used against motorcyclists. Many insurance companies and jurors have a false impression of motorcyclists as reckless, aggressive drivers. Motorcyclists must overcome this unfair prejudice and prove that they were not at fault for the accident.
  • Motorcycle safety and helmet laws can make some accident claims more challenging to handle. The other driver might use these laws and try to shift blame for the accident on the motorcyclist.

A skilled, experienced motorcycle accident attorney can help you counter these baseless attacks and get you the compensation you deserve.

How Our Arizona Motorcycle Lawyer Can Make a Difference in Your Case

How can a motorcycle accident lawyer help you? When you hire us for your motorcycle accident claim, we offer these services:

  • Complete investigation of your case – We have resources at our disposal to fully investigate your claim and gather evidence. Our goal is to establish the fault of the other driver. Our legal help will allow you to focus on your recovery.
  • Communication with the other driver and the insurance company – It is critical to be incredibly careful when sharing any information about your accident. We will speak to the other driver and his or her insurance company. That will prevent you from saying something that could be used against you.
  • Assessing the value of your claim – Motorcycle accidents can lead to obvious expenses, such as your medical bills and the cost to repair or replace your bike. There may be other losses also caused by the accident, including the cost of any medical care you might need in the future. We will fight for every penny that you are due.
  • Representation at trial, if necessary – Most motorcycle accident claims are resolved out of court, but a lawsuit is sometimes needed to force the insurance company’s hand. We will do our best to avoid a lawsuit. However, if a lawsuit becomes necessary, we will aggressively fight for your rights in court.

How We Prove Fault in a Motorcycle Accident Case

To claim compensation after a motorcycle accident, you must show that the accident was the fault of the other driver. You must also show the other driver’s actions (or failure to act) led to your injuries. The skilled Arizona motorcycle accident attorneys at Brown & Hobkirk, PLLC can help you gather evidence to establish that the other driver was at fault.

That evidence may include:

  • Police reports  The police usually investigate any accident that causes serious injuries. The police may issue a citation for fault once the investigation is completed. The police report is often a cornerstone of a motorcycle accident claim, although it’s important to remember the police do not decide civil liability for a crash.
  • Photos from the scene  Photographs can lend additional context to an accident scene. Photos can show the extent of the damage to your vehicle, the general conditions of the road at the scene, any hazards you or the other driver should have seen, and the role that weather played in the accident.
  • Witness interviews  If any neutral parties witnessed the accident, their testimony can shed additional light on what happened and who might be to blame.
  • Forensic reconstructions  An accident reconstruction team can highlight the details that police or others may have missed. Those details can help pinpoint who was at fault for the crash.

Once fault has been established, Brown & Hobkirk, PLLC can use your medical records and other evidence to substantiate your injuries. That information makes it easier to claim the compensation you deserve.

What Can You Be Compensated for After a Crash?

Once you’ve established that the other driver in an accident is at fault for your injuries, you can claim multiple types of compensation for the damages you sustained in the crash. That includes compensation for:

  • Medical expenses, including prescription medications, doctor’s visits, lab tests, surgical procedures and physical therapy
  • Any wages lost due to missing work while you recovered
  • Damaged or destroyed property
  • Future medical care, if necessary
  • Physical pain and suffering
  • Mental anguish
  • Punitive damages if the other driver was extremely reckless

Understanding Arizona Motorcycle Laws

Arizona’s motorcycle laws can greatly influence your claim for damages after an accident. It is important to know the details of these laws.

Here’s an overview:

  • Arizona motorcycle helmet law  The Arizona Department of Public Safety says that any motorcyclist under the age of 18 must wear a helmet while riding. Riders older than 18 must also wear eye protection, but they are not required to wear a full helmet.
  • Licensing laws  All motorcycle riders in Arizona are required to have a Class M motorcycle license. You must be at least 16 years old to apply for a license. If you’re under 18, you must first have a learner’s permit for at least six months. You must also demonstrate that you know how to safely handle a motorcycle. An applicant under 18 years old can either have a guardian sign an affidavit stating that you have at least 30 hours of motorcycle use or complete a state-approved motorcycle training course. Arizona motorcycle licenses last until age 65, but you must have your photo renewed and your eyes tested every 12 years until you reach age 60. At that point, the motorcycle license must be renewed every five years.
  • Safety laws  Arizona law outlines specific equipment that is required on all motorcycles. All motorcycles must have seats, a rear-view mirror, headlamp and footrests. If a passenger is going to ride the motorcycle, there must be a designated seat for the passenger, as well as footrests. Under Arizona motorcycle law, motorcyclists are not allowed to split lanes with cars and must not ride with more than two motorcycles side-by-side in the same lane.

Arizona Statute of Limitations for Motorcycle Injury Claims

Arizona has placed a time deadline, known as the statute of limitations, on personal injury claims. The statute of limitations applies to motorcycle accident claims. If you do not file a lawsuit within two years of the date of your accident, you will likely lose your chance to recover compensation for your injuries.

What to Do After a Motorcycle Crash to Protect Your Rights

Take these steps after a motorcycle accident to help protect your health and your legal rights:

  • Call 911.Getting treatment for any injuries is your first priority. Even if you feel fine, you might have injuries that are not yet apparent. Calling 911 helps ensure emergency responders quickly start the accident investigation process.  If you do not receive medical attention at the accident scene, see your personal doctor as soon as possible. Many motorcycle injuries are not obvious. Those injuries include internal bleeding, traumatic brain injuries and neck or back injuries.
  • Take pictures of the scene. Document the accident scene. Take photos of the damage to your motorcycle and any injuries you have. Also take pictures of the scene surrounding the accident. These photos can illustrate what conditions were like when the accident occurred.
  • Notify your insurance company. It is important to let your insurance company know that you were in an accident. The insurance company might provide you with some coverage and can also help you recover compensation from the other driver or that driver’s insurer.
  • Do not talk to the other driver’s insurer. Never speak to the other driver’s insurance company without first talking to your lawyer. If you are not careful, the other driver’s insurer may try to use the information in an attempt to shift blame to you for the accident. That could deprive you of any chance at compensation.
  • Hire a motorcycle accident lawyer. Protect your rights after an accident by hiring a motorcycle accident lawyer as soon as possible. That lawyer can begin investigating your claim and start the claims process. You have a limited window of time to claim compensation, and the lawyer will need time to gather evidence that will support your claim.

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